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Auntie Shell

About Me

My name’s Michelle, but you can call me Auntie Shell. (My nephew couldn’t pronounce Michelle as a toddler… and years later, it’s stuck!)


Through expert resources, simple plant-based recipes, and holistic how-to guides, I can help you easily adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle to improve your health, lose weight, and feel better than ever before.


I’m passionate about plant-based living because I’ve seen what it can do: I lost the weight I’d been struggling to lose for years, improved my cholesterol (lowering it from high to normal!), gained more energy and clearer thoughts, got off medications I’d been on for years, and now I feel better at 44 than I ever did at 20.


If you’re thinking it’s too late to make dietary changes, or that you’d have to be a perfect vegan to see the benefits of a vegan diet, I’m here to help you see what’s possible and easily improve your health. is a holistic health website bringing together simple vegan recipes, functional fitness, meditation, and other mental and physical health resources to help you lead a healthy lifestyle you’ll love.


I’m so glad you’re here, welcome!

My Story

At the age of 19, I gained 40 pounds as a side effect of a medication. A fitness trainer eventually helped me lose some weight but had me on a diet so restrictive that while I looked better, I felt terrible. I was exhausted, hungry, and in need of a nap after work each day.


Not looking or feeling your best can be overwhelming and frustrating. But even when you look better, if you don’t also feel good, it’s hard to be as happy as you know you could be. You might be getting complimented, enjoying how your clothes fit, and having more confidence, but on the inside, you still feel weighed down. You’re trying so hard to do everything right and wonder why it’s just not working.


As I questioned where to go from there, I was told by a doctor that my cholesterol was high. Worried about what that meant, I asked for dietary changes I could make to improve my health.

“I could never go vegan.”
– said almost every vegan (before going vegan)

I cut out red meat, artificial sweeteners, and fried foods. (I’d already cut out soft drinks and alcohol.) I stopped eating chicken, anything at all with a heartbeat, and became a vegetarian. Not long after, with the support of friends, great recipes, and helpful books, I eliminated dairy, egg, and finally (and this was a big one for me!), sugar.


I know it might sound like all of these changes would be hard to maintain, but because I finally started to FEEL amazing, keeping up with this new diet was simple.


My thoughts were clearer. I lost those final nagging pounds. My energy skyrocketed (and daily naps were no longer needed). My cholesterol lowered from “high” to “normal” and I got off medications I’d been on for years.


It’s easy to follow a vegan diet because I now feel better at 44 than I ever did in my 20s. (And because I’m committed to a holistic health approach that considers why I eat, not just what I’m eating.)


If you want to improve your health with a vegan diet and healthy lifestyle so you look AND feel amazing, this website is for you. I’m bringing together the best recipes, resources, books, and people to help you easily (and happily!) live a plant-based, healthy life.

A few things to know about me:

  • I have a dog named Kobe (yes, after Kobe Bryant!) who loves the beach!
  • While most of my time is spent in Canada, I do sneak away to Florida each winter.
  • I’m married to my soulmate and the love of my life, Mike aka Uncle Mikey.
  • Two books that helped me, Food Over Medicine by Pam Popper and Inner Bonding by Margaret Paul.
  • My favorite vegan snacks are Hippeas, nacho vibes flavor and Just Mango Slices from Trader Joe’s.
  • I feel as happy now as I look in the above picture of me as a kid (and I’ve found that’s a rare thing to be able to say!).
  • My niece and nephew coined the name “Auntie Shell” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Before starting this website, I worked for 15 years as a social worker working primarily with Holocaust Survivors. As an empath, I eventually burnt out and left the industry. It wasn’t until I started taking better care of myself that I once again found the capacity to serve others.
  • My purpose in life has always been to help people, and this website is one way I get to do that again.

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Use the form below to “Ask Auntie Shell” about her journey of adopting a vegan lifestyle, incorporating self-care practices into her daily life or why Kobe loves the beach!