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Easy Vegan Baked FalafelBy Auntie ShellRecipe by Alyssa Fontaine Thanks to my nutritionist, Alyssa Fontaine, for this baked falafel recipe. Like the title of the recipe, it is easy to make and vegan too.
Gnocchi with PestoBy Auntie ShellSometimes it’s the simple things that taste great. Prepare a package of your favorite gnocchi add some veggies and your favorite pesto and voila, dinner is served.
Jyl’s Sloppy Joe RecipeBy Auntie ShellThis meal might be messy to eat but it sure is tasty! Thanks to my friend Jyl for the recipe.
Mushroom RavioliBy Auntie ShellKitehill’s Mushroom Ravioli is like having a meal at a fine Italian restaurant. It has an almond milk ricotta alternative with Shitake and portabella mushrooms.