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Avocado Black Bean SaladBy Auntie ShellThis is my favorite salad to eat in the summer. The dressing is light, it’s simple to make and it tastes great.
Chickpea BowlBy Auntie ShellRecipe by Hannah Williams This recipe can be made in advance, there are several steps to it but when it’s put together it tastes great. Just ask my niece, Ruby, it’s her favorite.
Chickpea WrapBy Auntie ShellThanks to my good friend Jyl for inspiring me to make this wrap. It’s an easy lunch to prepare and it’s full of delicious veggies.
Thai Peanut WrapBy Auntie ShellRecipe by Spiced Blog You have to make this recipe. The flavor from the peanut sauce is outstanding. It’s one of my husband’s favorite vegan lunches.