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When I was in elementary school, I used to enjoy playing floor hockey with the boys while the other girls did gymnastics. However, that changed when I got to high school. My friends and I would go to the YMCA occasionally to workout but I never really loved it.

Over the years, I gained weight and I never really played any sports. It was only years later when I started working out with a trainer, mainly to lose weight. I was more active but it still wasn’t my favorite thing to do.

Until I met Stacey, my personal trainer, who made fitness fun, I started to look at physical activity in another way. My favorite sport to play is tennis, even though I’m not that good at it. Another activity I love is going for long walks with my dog Kobe (I also enjoy shuffleboard but that doesn’t really count).

What’s important is that you find an activity you love to do and then be consistent, because if you don’t love it – you won’t do it.

The 10 Benefits of Exercise

By Stacey Lieberman

Fitness is such a vital part of staying healthy. Living a well-balanced lifestyle means eating well and staying fit!


As human beings we were all created differently our physical, mental, physiological and spiritual states vary from one to the next. We are beings that are shaped by our genetic code and our environment thus making the world an interesting place. One element however always remains the same our ability to make choices and decisions to better enhance our lives.


Being pro-active to be ACTIVE is a choice. Actually, a privilege.


There are endless excuses to be made on how our lives are too busy, how there aren’t enough hours in a day, too many personal commitments, too much work and the list goes on and on however to maintain balance, health, mental wealth and longevity we need to choose a life that includes Activity. At the end of the day, it is an easy choice to make when considering the many benefits.


For those of you whose lifestyles have always incorporated some aspect of fitness probably can’t imagine a life without it although for those seeking a way to embark on this new journey the challenge is how, what, where, and when? The why is evident.


The answer is simple. Just do It (Nike, lol) You don’t need to allocate endless amounts of time to this new phase better yet do a little bit at a time. Begin to squeeze it into your daily routine because something is better than nothing. 

By no means do you need to go to a gym – go for a walk, ride a bike, get outside and do what you love because convenience is key to your personal growth and success. 


Set goals and track them as this will motivate you to achieve new and bigger ones. These small changes will lead to bigger ones. In essence, do what works for you. It goes without saying that once you decide to make these new and heathy choices to become Active, the positive outcomes will only push you to do more, to do better and to push you a little further and will outweigh life with no physical activity.


For those living in their comfort zone it is an easy and safe place to be but what if you were to push yourself into a new zone.


A zone that might create insecurity, challenge and question but will in turn contribute positive benefits overall.


As a Fitness Professional, I have always coached my clients to reflect on their current life and encourage them to really focus on an attainable goal, one that is realistic to achieve. It is so important to enjoy life without depriving oneself of everything you enjoy, but rather doing it in moderation.


Consuming a little less of something harmful and increasing intake of something beneficial. Same goes for exercise. Sit a little less and move a little more. By taking this approach habits can be broken and can change and they most likely will.

Find a workout buddy! Studies show that when you have a set time to exercise with a friend or family member, this ensures you show up!

So now we come back to the topic at hand: Why is Exercise Important?

These are just ten reasons of how exercise, moving and being physically active can help your overall life.
If you ask me – that is reason enough!

  • 1
    Feel more energized
  • 2
    Burn more calories at rest
  • 3
    Improve overall appearance
  • 4
    Be able to withstand stress
  • 5
    Decrease risk of illness
  • 6
    Speed up recovery from injury or surgery
  • 7
    Keep focused
  • 8
    Build up cardiovascular endurance
  • 9
    Improve flexibility
  • 10
    Increase lean body mass

Try Stacey’s Barre Class

Checkout Stacey’s Barre class above. She also offers private one-on-one training sessions online.

You can reach out to her at

About Stacey

Meet Stacey. She has been a certified instructor and personal trainer for over 22 years. She specializes in developing individualized programs to help achieve your goals and needs. Stacey teaches classes ranging from dynamic stretch, to anything equipment based and Barre is just one of her fortes.


She has built her Fitness career in Montreal, Canada, as former Fitness Coordinator of Centre Body Fitness and former Fitness Director of Club Sportif Cote de Liesse. Now, practicing in Florida, USA, she offers both in-person, and virtual group and one-on-one training.


You can find Stacey at

Here’s another option, if you are motivated to workout but can’t afford a personal trainer, check out FitOn, a free workout app.