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Inner Bonding

Along my journey I came across Margaret Paul, one of the creators of Inner Bonding. Her book helped me realize that until I learned how to heal my wounded child, I would continue to repeat the same behaviors in how I interact with others as an adult. 


Another huge realization I had was in the connection between the food that I ate and how I felt. “Junk foods create junk thoughts”. I was an emotional eater and my poor diet not only made me gain weight but it also made me feel like crap.


By improving what I ate, it helped me connect to my true self and as a result made me a much happier person. By cutting out animal products and processed food, I had more energy and clearer thoughts.

Please watch the video above  for an explanation from Margaret Paul herself on The 6 Steps to Inner Bonding.

What is Inner Bonding?

“Inner bonding is an easy-to-learn system, a roadmap presenting clear steps that, when practiced, brings rapid results in understanding our feelings and behavior, resolving our fears and false beliefs that control our lives, and gives us clear direction toward becoming loving to ourselves and others. Healing our deeper issues through INNER BONDING results in the peace, joy, fulfillment and empowerment that we all seek but find so elusive”. 

– Margaret Paul

If you are interested in learning more about Inner Bonding you can purchase Margaret Paul’s Inner Bonding Working book, The Inner Bonding Workbook: Six Steps to Healing Yourself and Connecting with Your Divine Guidance Paperback – March 1, 2019 by Margaret Paul (Author), Katherine Woodward Thomas (Foreword).


Or you can connect with Sharon Appleby.

About Sharon Appelby

It took me many years to heal from the shame I felt in being a “Highly Sensitive Person” and from not being heard or seen as a child. Constant criticism and yelling in my childhood home made me feel that there was something wrong with me and that I wasn’t good enough or lovable. Because I didn’t feel valued, I became a people pleaser and a care taker and I learned to numb from my pain. I hid my tears and feelings which created a lot of anxiety and like a lot of us, my dysfunctional home and childhood issues manifested into many parts of my life, including my relationships.


When I could no longer deal with my sadness and pain I reached out for help and my healing journey began. I started therapy and soon after signed up for a three-year Psychotherapy Course, where I completed the 500-hour training requirement. After completing a variety of other therapy programs, I was then strongly encouraged to attend an Inner Bonding Weekend Workshop and fortunately for me I did. That’s where I met Dr. Margaret Paul and immediately connected to her and her work and I have practiced Inner Bonding ever since – that was 24 years ago! Thank goodness for IB, I now have respectful boundaries, I am not afraid of conflict and I have honest and loving relationships. I no longer feel embarrassed, but blessed, to be a highly sensitive person and to feel deeply for myself and others.


I love to read and take courses in mental and physical health and wellness so I can improve my over all health and well being and share with my clients when appropriate. I have been practicing Yin yoga and meditation for many years and I have participated in TRE Workshops (trauma release exercises) and I practice on my own. I am passionate about Inner Bonding and grateful for the many ways it has enhanced my life!


I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and share, educate and facilitate this wonderful six step healing modality to help guide you to find your inner peace and love and embrace all of your unique and wonderful qualities as I have!


I offer a safe, compassionate and caring environment for all who have the courage to leave the familiar behind and have faith in what lies ahead.


I offer a free 20-minute consultation and one-hour sessions. E-mail me at or text (416) 605-3018.